Which are better, External or Internal Screen Covers ?

Without a doubt the most common question we get asked is whether to buy external silver screens or internal.

Internal and External motorhome screen covers or as they are also known as screen blinds, silver screens, window protectors or thermal blinds both offer easily accessible privacy and insulation, but both have different Pros and Cons.

External Screen Covers are wraparound type covers that cover the side cab windows and the main windscreen of your Motorhome. These are usually fitted by opening a cab door, hooking over a corner flap of the blind over the top corner of the door and then closing the door to hold it in place, you then walk around the front of the vehicle with the blind, open the other side door and repeat the process. Windscreen wipers can then be positioned on top of the windscreen cover to hold in place. Some blinds have external toggles which can be wrapped around but the rest of the process remains the same.

Internal Screen Covers are normally three individual screens with plastic suckers that attach to the inside of the windscreen and then one each cab window. These simply push against the screen and are held in place by the suckers.

Advantages of Internal Screen Covers for Motorhomes
1. Easier to remove in cases of having to move your vehicle without having to leave the security of the vehicle.
2. Main Windscreen screen cover can be removed during the day to allow natural daylight into your motorhome.
3. Screen covers are not exposed to the elements and so do not get wet from rain etc.

Disadvantages of Internal Screen Covers for Motorhomes
1. Condensation may build up between the internal windscreen cover and the windscreen.
2. Less thermal protection vs External Screen Covers.

Advantages of External Screen Covers for Motorhomes:
1. Much better thermal properties as the entire front of the cab is wrapped around with the cover.
2. Better privacy as no small gaps between panels as can sometimes be present with internal covers.
3. Less Condensation caused in the vehicle as the cold air is trapped outside the windscreen and not inside.

Disadvantages of External Screen Covers for Motorhomes:
1. Screen Covers are exposed to the elements and so in cases where it rains the blinds get wet and have to be dried before storage.
2. Screen Covers need to be removed by exiting the vehicle.
3. Natural daylight can only usually be obtained during the day by totally removing the external covers (However some External screen covers have a removable central panel on velcro to allow this)

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